Coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly worldwide. Around two lakh cases of infection with the coronavirus have been reported all over the world, while more than 7800 people have died. China has the highest number of deaths. Much research is being done in different countries around the world regarding the infection of this virus, which started from the city of Wuhan in China. In this sequence, Indian scientists have also succeeded in isolating the strains of coronavirus. Scientists at the National Institute of Virology, Pune, have done so. On the other hand, in Wuhan city of China, many studies are being done on hospitalized patients, while scientists are also studying the deaths from this virus here. In this sequence, a new research related to blood group has come out, which shows that people of which blood group are at higher risk of coronavirus and people of which blood group are less prone to it. Let's know in detail:

Important information has been revealed in this study on Coronavirus infection. Actually, in this research in Wuhan, it was tried to find out which group of people are at higher risk of coronavirus. It turned out that people who have blood group A are more at risk of corona infection. Whereas people with blood group 'O' are less at risk of infection as compared to A blood group. In the research conducted in Wuhan about the blood group, it was also told that among the corona virus-infected patients, the highest number of deaths occurred among those with A blood group. A total of 2173 patients infected with the coronavirus were included in this research, of which 206 people died due to infection.

According to a health study conducted here, the number of people with O blood group is more. According to the data, 34 percent of the population belongs to the O blood group, and about 32 percent of the A group. Researchers at Zhongnan Hospital in Hubei Province, China, said that coronavirus infections are more likely to occur in those with A blood group. According to this research, out of the total infected patients of coronavirus, the number of O blood group is 25 percent, while the number of patients with A group is about 41 percent. Among the patients infected with the virus, about 25% of those with O blood group were killed. Of the 2173 involved in the research, 206 were killed, all of them admitted to three hospitals in Hubei province.

The research also included 3,694 people from Wuhan who were not infected, along with infected patients. These people also belonged to the same area. However, this research is yet to be reviewed. Researchers in Wuhan are unable to explain why the virus spread more among A blood group. The study revealed that out of 206 people who died due to virus infection, 85 were patients with A blood group. That means 41 percent of the total deaths. At the same time, 52 people were from the O blood group. That means 25 percent of the total dead. Gao Yingdai, a scientist at the Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, said that the rate of infection and severe symptoms developed more in patients with blood group A, patients in this blood group need more vigilant monitoring and quicker treatment. He said that this study will be helpful in finding a cure for coronavirus.

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