WhatsApp has imposed a ban on forwarding messages to check news related to COVID-19. The whole world is today reeling under an epidemic like COVID-19. Some people are spreading false news and rumors about coronavirus. WhatsApp has taken a significant decision to check these fack reports. For this, WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company, has set the limit for forwarding messages. That means users will no longer be able to forward messages to more than one person. While the first 5 people had the facility to forward messages.

WhatsApp has taken this decision to curb the dissemination of false and fake news. The company has now changed the forward message rules from 5 to 1. Users can now forward forward forward messages frequently on one chat at a time.

To prevent coronavirus where the whole world is taking several stringent steps. On social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, some people are continually forwarding the wrong messages associated with it. Due to which rumors are spreading in people. This is a major step in Whatsapp to prevent similar rumors and news reports. In addition, Whatsapp recently introduced a feature that will help to find out the veracity of the forwarded messages. Talking about this feature, the company has offered a search option in forwarding messages. By clicking on this option, users can find out how much truth they have in the message.

However, the company's decision to stop the news is very commendable. Facebook also took a similar step, sometimes back to rein in fake news. Google is also flag the wrong story. In addition, Twitter has been filtering the news to prevent fack reports in the recent past.

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