More than 3 million people worldwide have been affected by the coronavirus, while more than 14,000 people have lost their lives in this deadly infection. However, there is no doubt that the virus is spreading very quickly, but the relief is that about one lakh people have become healthy in 3 lakh 33 thousand infected people. Since the coronavirus began to spread, there have been several reports in India when the infected people have fled from the hospital. There are even many people who reach the hospital to conduct tests, but they run away before the trial is over. Panic in the hearts of all people is justified, but running away from it is not a solution to the disease, but more dangerous. Not only do you risk your life by not treating it, but also the lives of your family and people nearby are at risk.

So let's learn what tests are carried out when there are symptoms like coronavirus

What happens in the test?

Whether a person is infected with the coronavirus is not known by his urine or blood samples. You may feel a little uncomfortable in the test method, but the test is easy and ends quickly. It penetrates a long Q-tip into your nose and mucus is taken for tests. Mucus samples are also taken from the throat for a similar test. In the meantime, you just have to stay calm, this test does not take more than 10-15 seconds. The samples taken from your nose and throat are put in a clean container and sent directly to the lab.

How long does it take for test results to come?

Before conducting the test, your symptoms will also be checked several times. Once the test is done, you may also be asked to be admitted on the spot, depending on your travel history. There is no need to panic, be prepared to have your mind that there may be hospitalization. So whenever you go to the hospital, keep your essential belongings with you. If possible, pack the bedsheets, water, and home food together. Rest assured, the Government is taking stringent steps to maintain the cleanliness of these places. Many people who had to be hospitalized have accepted it.

The results of the test may take two days to come, and you have to wait peacefully. There is no need to panic or be afraid while in the hospital. You'll have your mobile, so you can interact with your family and friends. If you are not asked to be recruited, you can return home and wait for the results. So whenever you feel symptoms like flu or coronavirus, do not panic, and immediately go to the nearest hospital and conduct your inquiry. Timely treatment is the best defense.

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