The coronavirus is rapidly spreading in India, causing the death of 77 people. At the same time, more than 3,000 people are infected. In the meantime, fake news is also getting viruses on social media platforms. That is why people are not able to access accurate and reliable information. So to eliminate this problem, Wikipedia is working on a particular project, named SWASTHA. The objective of the project is to provide accurate information on the Kovid-19 virus to the people. Abhishek Suryavanshi, the founder of Wikipedia's project SWASTHA, has said that Wikipedia's article is being read nearly 10 times more than the CDC and WHO's official site. About 10 lakh users on Wikipedia's platform are reading an article daily. In addition, users are also given the option to correct the wrong information in the article.

Abhishek has said that the Government of India has a lot of information related to the Coronavirus, while Wikipedia has users but does not have content. He has further said that we will soon improve the content and convey the correct information about the virus to the people.

SWASTHA is working closely with WHO

Let me tell you that SWASTHA is currently working closely with the Ministry of Health of India. In addition, SWASTHA has received the support of WHO and experts in this virus. SWASTHA is a particular plan to raise healthcare awareness amongst regional cities with the help of existing healthcare associates. The aim is to proffer health report in Wikipedia on 10 topics in 10 languages of India. Wikipedia had last month made available information related to coronavirus in Hindi, Bangla, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Arabic, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Urdu language. The full form of SWASTHA is Special Wikipedia Awareness Scheme for The Healthcare Affiliates. Swastha is the Sanskrit term for health. This plan will utilize breathing Wikipedia publishing and collaboration systems to develop out health information in Wikipedias for the languages. Based on the study, pattern, public measurements, and built quality restriction processes for promoting health data in the English language, this plan attempts to explain, localize, and yield encyclopedic comprehensive reference report in Indian regional languages on medicines, medical conditions, treatments, and current topics in health care.

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