The lockdown has been announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 21 days across India amid a growing crisis of coronavirus. In the midst of this crisis, there are many who are not fully aware of the facilities that people can take advantage of in such an environment, and how will the situation be? Some people understand the lockdown means curfew, whereas there is a lot of difference between the two. Let us get a little detail on this issue, what is a lockdown? What remains open in the meantime, and what is closed?

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is an emergency protocol that is usually imposed at the time of a disaster, while the government is ordered to stay and not get out of the houses. At the same time, at least people are given a need to meet at least to remain safe at home. However, police are also deployed during the same time as police are deployed during the curfew. In both these conditions, the police have a powerful role, but the way the police have orders to arrest the people roaming the road during curfew does not happen during the lockdown. In these circumstances, the police interrogate and see the ID and send them home.

Now, many people are not aware of what is open during the lockdown. So know, during the lockdown 

What will remain closed?

All transport services, including road, rail, and air transport, will all remain suspended except for essential transport. All factories, workshops, offices, godowns, week-long markets will remain closed. All offices of central and state governments and union territories will remain closed. Autonomous offices and corporate offices to remain closed. All schools, colleges, and coaching classes will remain closed. All the shops will remain closed and all kinds of hotel restaurants, bar-lounge gyms also, except some shops.

What remains open?

  • Private sector working medical services are operational.
  • Print media news channels keep doing their job.
  • Telecom and Internet facilities are operational.
  • Some grocery stores
  • Petrol Pump and CNG Station
  • Fruit and Vegetable Shops
  • Banking, Insurance Office and ATM Services
  • Milk Dairy or Its Related Shop
  • Allowed to belong to cargo vehicles, ambulances, fire brigades, and emergency services there
  • E-Commerce Services
  • 20 people allowed to go to Shamshan cemetery
  • Meat shop and cattle feed permitted shop to remain open

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Narendra Modi announces 21 days lockdown across India

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