Addressing the nation for the second time on coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "If you don't for 21 days, this country will go back 21 years. If not 21 days, many families will be completely devastated." India's 32 states and union territories have already announced a lockout. The closure of domestic air services was announced on Tuesday night. Now it talks about going one step further. The Prime Minister said that this step is vital to break the lifecycle of coronavirus. One step out of your house will bring corona's disease to your home. The Indian Prime Minister said that everyone should be in their homes at any cost. In the meantime, he also showed a poster saying, "Corona means no one goes on the road."

Modi pointed out that even after the disease has been affected, the symptoms are not visible for several days, and then suddenly, the man becomes sick or infects the other. Therefore, there is a need to be more careful. In the meantime, Modi, quoting World Health Organization data, described how the epidemic spread all over the world. The Prime Minister said that the virus took 67 days to reach one lakh, people earlier, but it took only 11 days to reach one lakh to two lakh. Similarly, it took only four days for the virus to reach two lakh to three lakh people. He said that this gives an idea of how fast the virus spreads.

The Prime Minister exemplified China, Italy, France, and Germany as to how big a crisis has arisen due to the disease. He also announced a fund of Rs 15,000 crore to fight the coronavirus. This money will be spent on the development of health facilities and the training of health workers. The Prime Minister said that this is the only way to fight this virus, and it can be defeated by walking the same path. Will have to act patiently and sparingly. The Prime Minister also said that while staying at home, worry about those who will come out of the house to fulfill their obligation even at this challenging moment. Along with health workers, sweeper workers, police, and administration, the Prime Minister also mentioned media persons in this link.

Many countries in the world have been entirely or almost closed due to the coronavirus. Countries like France, Spain, Italy have been closed for the past several weeks. In Asia too, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh had already announced a lockout. India had announced a one-day Janata Curfew on Sunday. It is now being implemented all over the country for 21 days. A total of 4.24 lakh cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide. More than 18,900 people have lost their lives in the grip of the virus, while more than one lakh people have gone to their homes after treatment.

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