Where Google is working on the coronavirus tracking website, Microsoft has launched a website that tracks the Coronavirus. The website that tracks COVID-19 has been built by Microsoft's Bing team. The URL of the website that Microsoft has prepared to track coronavirus infection is bing.com/covid. By visiting this URL, you can get updates related to coronavirus infections from all over the world.

When you visit this website, you will find out how many people are currently suffering from corona and how many people have been rescued all over the world. In addition, the website will also provide information on how many people have died due to corona. According to Microsoft's Corona Tracker website, 172,704 people are infected all over the world until this article was written out of which 88,270 are active cases, and 77,776 people have been rescued, while 6,658 people have died. In the US, 61 people have died due to this dreaded virus. The tracker has a map of every country, and the cases that have surfaced there can be seen. On the left side of the tracker, you will find a real-time figure of total confirmed cases, active cases, reword cases, and deaths from this virus. On this website, you can click on a map of a country to find out about the status of Coronavirus in that country.

Google is also developing Coronavirus testing centers tracker site

In addition to Microsoft, Google is also working with the US government to create a website that will help people from all over the world to get information about their nearest coronavirus testing centers. From this website, people will also be able to check what are the symptoms of the coronavirus. The website that gives information about coronavirus testing centers will be built by developers of Google X Lab. Google has also confirmed it by tweet. In this project, Google has engaged a large team of engineers to live the website at the earliest. The website's launch maybe by Sunday.

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