The need for AC, i.e., air conditioners, is to be felt in the summer. But many messages on social media and WhatsApp are being shared with a claim that AC increases the risk of spreading coronavirus infection. These messages are apprehensive about the AC in the minds of the people. But is it really so? While talking to a TV channel, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said that running AC is not the case as much as cross ventilation.

Home and Car AC

According to Dr. Guleria, if you have a window AC in your home, the air of your room will remain in your own room, not outside or in other rooms. Therefore, there is no difficulty in running the window AC or train AC at home. But it needs to be noted that the window ac in the room is well out of the way so that they are not going to an area where people are gathered.

AC in office or public places

According to Dr. Guleria, if the office or public places are central AC, it means that the air is getting in all the rooms, then there is a fear that if there is a cough or infection in another room or in another part of the office, the AC duct is prone to spread from one room to another.

Central AC closed in hospitals

In hospitals where corona patients are being recruited, central AC is being closed, and window AC is being replaced. According to Dr. Guleria, AC is also necessary in hospitals as the heat increases, the discomfort of doctors or healthcare workers will also increase as they all see patients wearing PPE. So that they sweat in the heat. If the patient without AC will have to be seen in such weather, another problem will arise.

What Research Says

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also conducted research to see whether the spread of COVID-19 in a Chinese restaurant was linked to air-conditioning? The study has also been approved by the Ethics Committee of the Guangzhou Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. According to research, from January 26 to February 10, 2020, the Novell Coronavirus affected 10 people from three families, all of whom had eaten food at the same air-conditioned restaurant in Guangzhou City, China. The distance of all the tables was about one meter. One of these families returned from Wuhan by travel. On January 24, family A ate food at that restaurant. Family B and C were sitting at the table near him. A family, A member, began to see symptoms the next day, and on February 5, four other members of the family and three of the family B and two-family C members fell ill. The restaurant had a central air conditioner, there was no window in this five-floor building.

The study concluded that the droplet transmission was due to air-conditioned ventilation. The main reason for infection was the flow of air. Research advised that ventilation needs to be improved to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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