The coronavirus pandemic and this round of lockdown are talking about the economic crisis and the global recession, however, there are also expectations of a boom in the economy and a surge in many sectors after the lockdown. Let's know which sector is likely to have the highest boom and jobs after the lockdown. For many professionals, there may be more attractive opportunities than ever before. Here, we are also telling how the youth should prepare for new jobs that emerge after the corona crisis.

Highest job in these sectors

In the new economy that emerges after the lockdown, we can call these sectors the necessary sector. These sectors are health care, health tech, pharma, high tech, manufacturing, agri-tech, new-banking, and fintech.

Support Service- When more and more companies prefer to work from home, there will be a lot of growth in the sector, like support services such as logistics, logistics, facility management, and new jobs in the country.

Emphasis on Swadeshi- Made in India and Make in India program will speed up. Especially in the manufacturing sector, there will be a lot of emphases. These sectors can have jobs for a plethora of Indians.

Agricultural technology: Agricultural technology in the country is likely to be given a lot of attention, and it would bring a lot of jobs. The Corona crisis has drawn our attention to the agriculture sector. Strong agriculture can become the economic backbone of the country. It will also help in tackling the problem of migrants of laborers. It is expected that the state governments will invest more, especially in agricultural technology, which will generate local employment.

Technological development- Now, when work from home is growing, the investment of this sector will increase to improve communication. The use of zero-touch parole and geo-fencing like HR Tech will increase. This would bring jobs in the technology sector.

Education technology- Education technology will bring investment for better learning management. This sector will also have a job in the coming days.

Build flexibility in careers

There is no harm if you get a job in any other sector except your sector. Keep your career options flexible.

See new options like this

- The second job in your own industry

- Similar jobs in different industry

- Different jobs in different industry

Tips to try a new job

New jobs would come to the international global agency, GQR chief Emily Slocum. According to experts, market associate jobs in airline companies will be low, but such jobs would increase in pharma companies. According to Vinay Naik, the officer of recruitment agency Aerotech, always keep your CV and LinkedIn profile updated. Your social media account should always be kept clean.

  • It would be good if there is any reference to the company in which they are applying.
  • It can also apply where you have already worked.
  • It would be good if you know a manager who is giving a job directly.
  • Understand the company's work, priority, and methods before the application.
  • Your first meeting with the hiring manager is like a private meeting.
  • Looking for jobs should never stop.

Tips for youngsters looking for the first job

Focus on industries that are giving more jobs. The demand for customer service, warehouse workers, accountants, health workers will increase. Governments will also bring new jobs to fight the epidemic. You see which sector you can work in. The interview process will slow down due to social distempering.

Be prepared for video interviews. Prepare for the interview in advance. Think of answers to questions that can be asked in interviews. Make work from home, because that is the future. Call for a followup only a week after the interview. Always strive to improve yourself. Invest in yourself.


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