Tech giant Google has launched a new website in the US for Coronavirus. This website has been designed with a particular focus on the US. On this website, the company has provided all the information related to Coronavirus guidance and testing. To be seen, everyone around the world is taking a number of steps to fight this virus. This website has been made available to the US at present. It has not been informed when it will be introduced to India. But it is said that it can be made available in other countries also soon. This website of Google is google.com/covid19. Through this website, people will be provided with information like virus education and local resources. Google said that there will also be other information related to Coronavirus with safety and rescue tips to the people, including search trends. Moreover, people will also be briefed on resources for personal, awareness, and business.

The website will be launched in other countries: As we told you, this website has been introduced in the US. But it will soon be made available in other countries. It will be made available with other products. According to the company, reliable and accurate information will be shown through this website.

The IT ministry has become stricter on a social media platform with rumors and fake information related to coronavirus. The Ministry has issued instructions to all social media companies to remove all false information and rumors related to the virus that has taken the form of epidemic. The ministry has ordered the removal of these rumors with immediate effect from social media companies Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc. On March 20, the Ministry had issued instructions to social media companies not to post any false information related to coronavirus (COVID-19). The ministry had said that this could lead to an atmosphere of fear among the common people. In this advisory, it is also said that coronavirus is a global problem, and the World Health Organization has termed it as a global health emergency.

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