The Second World War took place in the decade 1940. During that, all kinds of sports were put to rest, but now at the beginning of the decade 2020, the world of sports has become an epidemic. All sorts of games have to be abruptly closed due to Coronavirus Pandemic. This is the first time after 7 decades that such a large number of sports tournaments have either to be rejected or postponed. All kinds of sports have been held continuously since 1946. Sometimes a couple of matches or a couple of tournaments had to be rejected or delayed for security reasons, but for the first time, all kinds of games have been closed for health reasons, including cricket and football. The organizers had an option to organize the games in the empty stadium, but it is not entirely possible and accessible.

All kinds of sports were canceled

Cricket, golf, football, racing, tennis, basketball, hockey, baseball, running, rugby, wrestling, kabaddi, and all tournaments have been rejected. In addition, the Olympics in July-August this year are also at risk of coronavirus. US President Donald Trump made a statement that the Olympics could also be held for one year. However, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said that the Olympics will be in accordance with the schedule. The Sheffield Shield tournament in Australia has been closed after 1946. Earlier, the domestic tournament was closed due to World War 2. It can be said that after 7 decades, there has been an opportunity when the games themselves have become ill. Sports are continuing at some places, but all precautions are being taken. In a rugby match in Melbourne, when the ball went to the audience, it was washed away by chemicals.

IPL also postponed

The world's most expensive cricket league, the Indian Premier League (IPL), has been delayed till April 15. At present, only one T20 league is being played in Pakistan, but the stadium is being vacated. However, foreign players from the Pakistan Super League also decided to go, and more than a dozen players have already left Pakistan's land, while all bilateral series has been closed.

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