The second wave of COVID-19 is much more infectious than the last wave. With each passing of the day, the dynamic number of cases is expanding alongside the fatalities. Indeed, even clinics are running out of beds, oxygen chambers, and other clinical offices because of the flood cases. Attributable to this explanation, specialists have exhorted every one of the patients who are encountering gentle and moderate side effects to remain at home and get themselves treated, yet under the oversight of a specialist. Presently with COVID-19 patients at home, it has made things very less secure for other relatives. 

Aside from dealing with COVID-19 patients, it is additionally critical to shield oneself from getting the lethal infection. From utilizing separate utensils to wearing veils, here are some simple hacks that can keep different individuals from the family protected: 

Wear A  Mask

Segregation is not sufficient to keep the infection under control. Assuming you have a COVID patient at home, ensure that everybody in the house is wearing the veil record-breaking till he/she completely recuperates. Try not to contact the veil and do wash your hands subsequent to eliminating it. 

Wash Your Hands And Use Gloves! 

At the point when you have a COVID patient at home, you will in general interact with the patient, for example, by giving food, prescriptions or aiding in observing oxygen level, and so forth In such circumstances, wear gloves and wash your hands altogether and habitually. Likewise, try not to contact your face, that is, eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Use And Toss Plates! 

It is exhorted that assuming you have a COVID patient at home, ensure you are utilizing 'use and toss' plates and glass to give them food. 

Clean Surface 

Ensure you are cleaning and sanitizing your home completely, particularly the often contacted surfaces like a tabletop, door handles, distance, switchboards, taps, and so forth.

Image Credit: CNN