It started off as a basic need but today food comes in all shapes and sizes and fulfills various cravings on a daily basis. Everybody has a proper consumption pattern which is a mixture of required diet, junk, and snacks. While putting thought into satisfying hunger and cravings, we often sideline the effect the food has on our teeth.

No. It is not just chocolates. Surprisingly, a lot of the food items that we consume as a habit, on a daily basis, majorly affect our teeth.  Here are our picks of some of the most commonly consumed food items that would leave a major effect on our teeth.


It is used as an instant cooling ingredient for drinks. But that is not what affects the teeth much. People often enjoy chewing blocks of ice, most of whom turn out to be ice addicts. Yes. It is real. The craving of wanting to chew ice is known as pagophagia.

Chewing on ice is a consumption pattern that greatly affects your teeth. It internally affects it by loosening the gums and weakening them. Along with this chewing on ice make the teeth chipped, cracked or even broken. They might just be the reason behind losing a beautiful smile.

Many ice-based eatables like snow cones and iced tea might seem mouthwatering. But you either satisfy your taste buds or safeguard your teeth.

Carbonated drinks

Sodas, cold drinks, pops etc. All of these are a part of this entry. You might have already heard this several times. Carbonated drinks are highly dangerous for the teeth. The acids present in the drinks is a bad influence on our enamel. The tooth of a human is one such organ that does not decompose after death. The same tooth, if dipped in a jar of a cold drink, will vanish in the span of three hours! That is how toxic cold drinks are to our teeth. So, if you are sipping drinks all day, chances are, your enamel is already getting damaged.

Potato chips

Undisputedly the most preferred snack for binge eating. These munchy snacks give you a different level of satisfaction. While chewing the chip is one of the best parts of eating it, excessive chewing of potato chips is unhealthy on various grounds.

The starch in the potato chips remains in between the teeth which combine with fluids in the mouth and results in cavities. Along with this, small sediments of the potato chips get stuck between the teeth which aren’t healthy. Floss of the teeth after eating the chips is advisable.

Citrus food

Orange, lemon, grape etc. All such fruits that are high vitamin C sources are citrus foods. They sure are essential for a healthy diet. But citrus foods contain citrus acids and cause the enamel to decay when reacted.

Therefore, it is always advised to rinse your mouth after consumption of citrus foods. This way, the acid gets washed away and the enamel is harm free.