'Class of 83' review: Hindi cinema has created so many films on the nexus of Police, politics, and gangster that there is nothing new and fantastic left to redeem it now. Mumbai's underworld and Gang war viewers have seen so much on the screen that nothing new seems. This is the biggest problem of Atul Sabharwal directed Class of 83, but it is also the film's compulsion. However, the Class of 83 was released on Netflix on August 21, and with this, Bobby Deol got an entry into the digital world.

'Class of 83' story:

The story of 'Class of 83' is derived from S. Hussain Zaidi's novel Class of 83: The Punishers of Mumbai, set in the round of 80. However, due to unknown reasons, 'The Punishers of Mumbai' title has been removed from the movie's title. In fact, these punishers were later known as the Encounter specialist, which had been read from Class of 83. Bobby Deol has played the role of IPS officer named Vijay Singh, who is sent to the Dean of the Police Academy as a punishment. The academy's most laggards, but the vicious cadets, enhance the text separately from the victory-worn syllabus, which acts as a direction-director for these police officers after being inducted into the force.

Apart from Dean Vijay Singh's track, there is no novelty in the 'Class of 83' story. This is what can be said of the most significant shortage of Class of 83. However, the shortfall is compensated by the film's budding star, who has played five police officers' roles. These artists played a great success in transforming police officers from recruits to encounters in the Academy. Despite being a threadbare story, the film does not bore.


Bobby Deol has managed to highlight his stigma in the role of dean Vijay Singh, a victim of the system. It is a coincidence that in a nearly 25-year career, Bobby never got the chance to play the IPS officer role. For the first time, he appeared in an IPS officer's role and became a grandfather in a film for the first time. Bobby Deol justified his role as Dean Vijay Singh's. Bobby's commitment to bring his career on track comes out through dean Vijay Singh's character.

In the role of a fellow IPS officer, Joey Sengupta, Anoop Soni in the corrupt CM's character, and Vishwajeet Pradhan in the academy's trainer's role have done an excellent job. Class of 83 produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

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