Android phones often have complaints about malware or viruses. Now, recently, 23 Android apps have been identified, which are very dangerous for your phone, and these apps have been specially designed for espionage. All these apps have been prepared by the Chinese company HAWK. All these apps have been downloaded 382 million times, i.e., 38.2 million times. Let me tell you about these apps in detail...

Shenzhen Hawk's list of apps with malware is the first app to weather, which has sent millions of users' personal data to servers in China. This app has also taken a mobile number for people premium service. This app secretly becomes open through the browser and shows advertisements. Shenzhen Hawk's app has already grown organically. The Indian Army was advised not to use the company's app, though all these apps are still available on the play store. These apps take access to cameras, phone calls, radio, audio, and messages from users, even if they are not needed.

Now it is better for you and your personal privacy to delete an app in Shenzhen Hawk immediately from your mobile phone. Sound Recorder, this app has been downloaded 10 million times, but if it is on your phone, you should delete it immediately. Here are the names of all apps that are penetrating your privacy.

Super Cleaner, Virus Cleaner 2019, File Manager, Joy Launcher, Turbo Browser (10M), Weather Forecast, Candy Selfie Camera, Hi VPN, Free VPN, Candy Gallery, Calendar Lite, Super Battery, Hi Security 2019, Net Master, Puzzle Box, Private Browser, Hi VPN Pro, World Zoo, Word Crossy!, Soccer Pinball, Dig it, Laser Break, Music Roam, Word Crush, Tap Sky, mie-Alcatel. support, ViewYeah Studio, Hawk App, Hi Security, Alcatel Innovation Lab, and Shenzhen Hawk.

Image credit: vpnpro