The movie makes so much sense in various perceptions and directions. Whether you consider yourself as an alcoholic or the more studious student in your college days, you can relate to this movie. However, the cinematography could have been better. The story line includes college students from different backgrounds from an alcoholic to the college stud. Such a vast creativity will acquire attention in every genre including the marital pressure and life after a failed marriage.

But the college journey of the ‘Chichores’ is surely a form of entertainment to keep the audience engaged in the movie. From ragging each other t bullying students from other hostel, these friends live every day in their college under different emotions. Some of us might be able to relate to the same! But as a whole, a bond of true friendship is reflected till the end. Some of us might have shouted inside, “Friendship Ho Toh Aisi!”.

But well, this is a Bollywood which is surely incomplete without an emotional drama which is realized when Raghav (Anni’s son) comes in the picture.


The story includes the constant pressure of raising a child in order to reflect more maturity and better life giving for the child that was somewhere seen in the struggles of Anni and his wife. He wishes to provide every solution to Raghav’s (son) problem for him to face the challenges head-on. However, the peer pressure pulls him down after his engineering results that impulses him to commit suicide.

But is it fair for the child to undergo such pressure? Is it fair for the couple to depart their ways in ego? Is it fair to change yourself completely based on other’s perceptions? What is there to proof? Well nothing to others, but proving things to yourself and make yourself better each day. And this is what we learn from Chichore!

image credit : koimoi