BSNL had already set up its triple play plans in multiple cities. The greatest reason for this was to give fierce competition to JioFiber. For your information, BSNL has partnered with Shree Devi Television in Visakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh, after which the company can release the triple play plan here. Under this partnership, the company has established a total of 10 triple play plans by BSNL. You are getting three services of BSNL in these plans, this includes cable TV, broadband network and landline. 

All these plans have been set up by the company as part of its Triple Play Plan scheme. Still, users can also opt for the other three non-Bharat plans. It is being pronounced that the cable TV package which is about to start. You will have to take it separately, and its starting price can be approximately Rs 243.

Right after the announcement of Reliance JioFiber broadband plans, BSNL set up negotiations with local cable TV operators in different cities to offer similar triple play plans to customers. Similar to JioFiber, BSNL is working closely with local cable TV operators to offer triple-play plans. In Visakhapatnam, BSNL revealed a total of ten designs that would be part of this triple play service of the company. 

BSNL has ten triple play plans for broadband plans Fibro Combo ULD 645 CS95, Fibro Combo ULD CS 96, Fibro Combo ULD 2795 CS 20, Rs 849, Rs 1,277, Rs 2,499, Rs 4,499, Rs 5,999, Rs 9,999, and Rs 16,999. So these ten plans of BSNL come with broadband and landline services, but what about cable TV services? Well, Shree Devi Television (SDV) will offer them to subscribers. 

Shree Devi Television has seven cable TV packs of SDS pack 2 Rs 243, SDS pack 2 Plus Rs 333, SDS HD pack Rs 333, SDS HD pack Plus Rs 333, SDS pack 4 Rs 351, SDS pack 5 Rs 315, and SDS pack 6 Rs 360 have introduced. Here's how the triple play is planned by BSNL's work; suppose a customer chooses BSNL' Bharat Fiber' plan of Rs 849, then the cable TV operator will provide seven cable TV packs starting at Rs 243. If the subscriber buys a cable TV pack of Rs 243, then the total monthly fee is Rs 1,092 (Rs 849+243). All the costs mentioned above are excluding Taxes, so an additional 18% GDT will be applied on top of the said amount.  

Image credit: satiitv