The 2021 budget will be presented on February 1 and it will go paperless  as the finance minister decided not to print the 2021 budget this time due to the fast spreading coronavirus.  

It will be for the first time ever in the History of India that the budget will not be printed on papers.   The decision about making the budget 2021 to go paperless is confirmed as it has got the permission from both the house of parliaments.  

The documents are usually printed at the Finance minister's house printing press in the north block.

Union budget 2021, may see several changes during this year. Usually, a “Halwa-Ceremony” is held in order to mark the beginning of the budget printing. But, it may not be held this year or probably a small gathering will be invited to this ceremony that will be involved in the process of budget 2021 making.

When the printing of a budget starts, staff stays inside till the budget is presented. Only few high ranked officials are allowed to use the entry and exit process with the help of a special Identity card. The whole loading and unloading process is carried out by special security forces.


Although, It is not the first time that there would be changes in the printing process of the budget under Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Last year, the budget ‘Bahi Khata’ was presented  in a briefcase that had a red cloth folder inside it tied with a string. 


Image Credit: Zee News