Indigo Airline offer: If you also want to travel soon, domestic airline Indigo has unveiled a unique offer that enables you to book seats at a discount. The company has now agreed to provide visitors who fly a discount on tickets worth up to Rs 2000. The company's promotion is valid from August 2 to August 4, 2023. Indigo tweeted information on this as well.


Company completes 17 years.

Indigo has disclosed that its operations have now been running for 17 years. The company is providing the passengers with a discount at this time. The business has begun an "Anniversary Sale." The company is offering clients a 17 percent discount when they book tickets.


Every consumer may benefit.

Additionally, the business has stated that this offer is open to all customers. This promotion is known as "HappyIndiGoDay" by the company. In addition to all of this, the business this time allowed consumers to choose their preferred seat. You must pay for this.


Book from any app or website

According to Indigo Airlines, any website or mobile app can be used to purchase tickets. You are benefiting from a discount on all ticket kinds. The discount's upper limit is Rs. 2,000.


Cashback will be available on credit cards.

Customers are also benefiting from credit card offers in addition to this. You will receive additional savings when you purchase tickets using American Express and HSBC credit cards. You will benefit from cashback when using these cards to make purchases. Customers who pay with American Express will receive up to Rs 2,000 in cashback with a Rs 5,000 minimum order value. On the other hand, if you pay using an HSBC credit card, you will receive an extra 5% cashback on orders above Rs. 3500.