The Tragic incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi, the incident involved the bus which was moving from sidhi to satna on Tuesday morning. The incident has stunned the country in the incident where around fifty individuals have lost their lives. The bus was plunged into 25-feet- deep canal, leading to this horrific accident.

But what in this horrific accident came as the silver lining is a schoolgirl who is winning hearts is Shivrani Lonia and her brother Ramprasad, both are aged between 16 and 22 years, respectively. They both have saved several individuals from this heart-wrenching accident.

"A 17-year-old young lady Shivrani Lonia and her sibling Ramprasad, who live close to the channel with her family, helped, in any event, seven individuals in emerging from the water. Lonia educated the others that transport has fallen into the trench," said Pankaj Kumawat, administrator of police, Sidhi. 

Lonia saw the transport coming in at fast, slipping off the street and folding down into the water-filled channel. However, without dreading for her life, she and her sibling hopped into the trench to save the travelers. 

"As reported the vehicle was at very high speed when the accident took place. After the transport dove into the channel, we bounced into the trench to save the travelers, however, we could save just seven individuals, who emerged from the transport after the mishap," Lonia told correspondents on Tuesday. 

Region gatherer Ravindra Kumar Choudhary said at the hour of the mishap, the water level in the channel was around 25 feet. 

"I salute the fortitude appeared by girl Shivrani. Not really focusing on her life, this little girl saved the existence of two travelers by hopping into the trench in Sidhi. I thank the little girl. The whole state is glad for you," boss clergyman Shivraj Singh Chouhan said in Bhopal. 

The mishap occurred close to Patna town, around 80 km from the Sidhi locale central command. 

The driver lost control of the transport and it dove into a waterway and lead to this horrific incident that led to the loss of 50 people. This is one of the biggest accidents in which so many lives were lost. 

Travelers fruitlessly attempted to break the windows of the disastrous transport, which had more than 50 individuals, when it folded down into the waterway, news organization PTI cited a survivor as saying.