The Ministry of Civil Aviation has asked the airlines to allow passengers to travel, which in the self-declaration form, express that they have not been found to be COVID-19 positive in a period of three weeks prior to the date of journey. The officials informed the news agency PtII that there are a large number of people in India who have been cured of this deadly virus infection. The need to update the self-declaration form was being felt to mitigate their difficulties. So, some time back, the government has told the airline companies that the passengers will now have to tell themselves that they are not having the COVID-19 positive during the three weeks before the date of the journey.

Earlier, the Government had made it mandatory for all passengers to indicate before the yatra on May 21 that they were not found to be COVID-19 positive during the period of two months prior to the date of the journey. Officials said, "Those who have been cured of Covid-19 and complete three weeks of qualification can travel by showing the Covid-19 recovery or COVID-discharge certificate received from the hospital." 

So far, 8.2 lakh people have been found infected with a corona in India. Out of these, 5.15 lakh people have been cured so far. This means that the country's recovery rate is around 63%. So far, 22,000 people have lost their lives in the country due to this virus. After a gap of two months due to the coronavirus epidemic, India resumed the operation of domestic flights from May 25. Notified international flight services are still suspended.

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