TRAI has published a new rule to regulate telemarketing companies. According to the plan, unregistered 10 digits mobile numbers will be closed in the next 5 days.

Explain that a report on February 16 suggested that a prohibition on calling from unregistered mobile numbers had been issued. In such a case, 10-digit promotional messages utilized for promotional calling will be discontinued over the next five days.


10 digit mobile number cannot be utilized for promotion.

Trai has been stringent in its enforcement of advertising texts that harass users. For example, according to a TRAI report, 10-digit mobile phones cannot be used for promotion. In reality, distinct numbers are assigned for normal and promotional calls. This is done to distinguish between routine and promotional calls.


However, some reports claim that telecom companies are violating the rules by sending promotional messages and calling from 10-digit numbers. According to the recent TRAI ruling, all telecom service providers must apply the requirements within 5 days, or else the number calling the promotion will be closed within 5 days.


What should you not do?

If you utilize a 10-digit mobile number for promotional purposes, you are breaking the regulations and should stop immediately. Otherwise, your phone number will be blocked within the next 5 days. In such a case, users working in telemarketing organizations should not make calls from personal cell numbers. Instead, users should make promotional calls using the company's registered cellphone number.