In the present innovation driven time, it has become a common sight to discover an ever increasing number of children glued to their television sets and their gadgets like video games. Children today are progressively investing their time and energy indoors which is adversely affecting their advancement and well being. 

Inculcating the habit of playing outdoors is a magnificent method to learn different life skills and enhance learning abilities in kids. They can learn important lessons for life and build up a positive and problem solving attitude. It can also help them explore nature and get a rudimentary understanding of science. 

Outdoor playing keeps kids dynamic and gives them a way to expand their physical stamina, strengthen their muscles and bones, build-up immunity and bring down the danger of numerous maladies like heart issues, diabetes, weight gain etc. Playing in sunlight can give them the fundamental dose of vitamin D, the inadequacy of which can cause Rickets. 

Playing outdoors can enhance a child’s imagination. Being in an open natural environment can kindle a youngster’s creative ability and may stir up artistic thoughts in him. And, the most important one, kids who play outdoors figure out how to interact in an effective way with others as opposed to the kids who remain indoors. Kids who like to stay inside the four walls of their home are likely to be more reserved and detached.