Due to the recent skyrocketing flight costs, much discussion has concerned them. There were fewer domestic flights even after the GoFirst issue in the nation, which affected flight prices.


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Airline components, airport operator fees, fees to the Airports Authority of India, and charges to the government make up the four components of airfare in airline tickets. Basic Fare, Airline Fuel Charges, Common User Terminal Equipment Fee (if applicable), and Convenience Fees are all airline components that apply to online tickets using debit or credit cards.


The Indian Airport Authority levies a fee for passenger services, and the airport operator levies user and airport development fees. The cost of the airfare also includes the service tax paid to the government.


Know the components that go into the air ticket fare.

User Development Fee (UDF)

The user development fee, which is levied to cover the expense of airport renovation, is one of the most frequently seen fees added to the cost of a flight. Depending on the airport from where the flight departs, there may be variations in the costs falling under this line item.


Airline fuel charge

Airlines occasionally pass on the cost of increasing fuel costs to passengers by charging an additional fuel surcharge or airline fuel charge that is added on top of the base fee.


Passenger service fee

Flight operators must pay passenger service fees to the Airport Authority of India (AAI), which is accepted in exchange for providing security and other amenities for airport travelers. Only a few airports, nevertheless, impose this cost on travelers.


Cute Fees

In rare circumstances, the Airport Authority of India also charges travelers a CUTE or Common User Terminal Equipment cost. Escalators, metal detectors, and other airport hardware are all subject to fees when utilized at the airport. It is frequently referred to as the "passenger handling fee," which differs from airport to airport.


Passenger security fee

Instead of sending out members of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), passengers can potentially be paid for aviation security or passenger security.