Counterfeit Netflix application on Google Play Store focused to spread malware via naturally reacting to WhatsApp messages. Nonetheless, presently Google has brought down the application that passes by the name FlixOnline. 

According to the security firm Check Point Research, the FlixOnline application wore a Netflix-like hope to deceive clients. Not simply that, it likewise guaranteed two months of free membership to clients through WhatsApp messages. The application offering a free membership shared a connection that diverted clients to a site to simply catch their own information including Visa subtleties. Numerous Android clients downloaded the phony application mistaking it for Netflix. 

By answering to approaching WhatsApp messages, this technique could empower a programmer to circulate phishing assaults, spread further malware, or spread bogus data or take certifications and information from clients' WhatsApp records and discussions, as per the specialists. The FlixOnline application was accessible for almost two months with around 500 introduces before Google eliminated it a month ago. 

Here's The Manner By Which It Worked 

When the FlixOnline application was introduced on Android cell phone from the Play Store it requested three authorizations - screen overlay, battery improvement disregard, and warning. As consents were true, the malware had all it required to begin conveying its noxious payloads and reacting to approaching WhatsApp messages with auto-produced answers. Designated spot Researchers expressed that overlay is utilized by malware to make counterfeit logins and take client qualifications by making counterfeit windows on top of existing applications. The FlixOnline application then 'tuned in' for warnings and consequently reacted to WhatsApp talks with a message. 


It features that clients ought to be careful about download connections or connections that they get by means of WhatsApp or other informing applications, in any event, when they seem to come from confided in contacts or informing gatherings.