Indian skipper Virat Kohli will descend on Tuesday with the intention of registering another available in the first match of the three-match ODI series against Australia. Kohli is just a century away from equaling Sachin Tendulkar's record of the highest ODI international centuries on domestic land. Sachin's name is the Indian record of scoring the most top 20 ODI international centuries in domestic cricket. Kohli has 19 centuries on domestic ground in the name and will have a chance to match Tendulkar against Australia on Tuesday. Earlier, Kohli became the fastest batsman to complete 11000 international runs as captain in all three formats during India's 2-0 victory in the T20 international series against Sri Lanka.

Former Australian batsman Dean Jones has said that Rohit Sharma and David Warner are both hungry for runs and are eager to see the competition between these two giants of recent times in the forthcoming three-match series. He said, "Rohit and Warner play well on both sides of the field." If you make it challenging to make a run on one side of the field, they find a way to make runs on the other side of the field. The former cricketer said, "These players are not only physically but also mentally fit, and they are hungry to make runs. I want to see who would win this war. 

The series will begin in Mumbai on January 14. The second ODI will be played at Rajkot on January 17 while the third in Bengaluru on January 19. The Virat army will have the opportunity to create an exceptional record in the series. If the Indian team wins the series against Australia, it will become the second team in the world to win 200 international matches on domestic land. The Kangaroo team is at the forefront in this case. Australia has won a total of 280 matches in its country so far. If the Indian team succeeds in winning two matches in the series, it will set a record of winning 750 matches in international cricket. Australia (1031) and England (799) have won more than 750 matches so far. 

As an opener, Rohit and Dhawan are close to maintaining the world record in the case of playing the highest strategic partnership against one country. Rohit-Dhawan's opener has played a six-time strategic partnership against Australia so far. In this series, both will have the chance to name this world record. If they play a strategic partnership today, they will break the world record of building the most strategic partnership in one-day.

Australia's team, led by Aaron Finch, is confident after a spectacular performance in the domestic session. In the domestic session, Australia won the series against Pakistan and New Zealand. On the other hand, India will be eager to repay the 2-3 defeat against Australia in March last year.

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