The final month of the peak seasonal temperatures is August. There is also a final summer trip hurrah before August is the last month with the highest seasonal temperatures. There is one more summer vacation travel expedition left until school resumes. The weekend following Labour Day signals the beginning of fall. As they have been for most of the year, most destinations have few travel restrictions.


United States Travel Restrictions

For the first time since the pandemic's start, non-citizens can travel freely throughout the United States thanks to open air and land borders. Foreign tourists won't need to receive a negative pre-arrival test or provide documentation of current coronavirus immunization. Travel restrictions imposed during the epidemic terminated on May 12, 2023.


Canada Travel Restrictions

There are no limitations on entering Canada by land, air, or sea from the United States. For instance, guests will no longer require the ArriveCAN app but will only require a current travel passport.

Travelers could reconsider some places because of the nation's catastrophic wildfires, disrupting travel and worsening air quality from its Atlantic to Pacific coasts.


Mexico Travel Restrictions

Non-essential travel and tourism have no entry criteria for entering Mexico by air or land border crossing. Over the past few years, this government has kept its travel restrictions on foreigners to a minimum.


Latin America Travel Restrictions

Travelers from Central or South America must have a negative pre-arrival vaccination test as their only distinguishable entrance requirement. Fewer countries have recently been added to the list of those who require this exam. No travel restrictions apply to people who have received all necessary vaccinations.


Caribbean Travel Restrictions

No significant admission limitations exist to the well-known island attractions, regardless of how you arrive—by airline or cruise ship.


Europe Travel Restrictions

There are no entry requirements now, making it a fantastic opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom or continental Europe.

Keep an eye on the ETIAS requirement, a general travel visa that 30 European nations will demand in addition to your general travel passport if you plan a trip to Europe in 2024. Originally slated to take effect in 2021, the additional approval has now been delayed until sometime in 2024.


Africa Travel Restrictions

Most of Africa has no entrance requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers. Several nations in north- and central-central Africa demand a negative pre-arrival test for unvaccinated visitors. No travel restrictions apply to enter South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, or Tanzania. Some of the most travelers to the continent come from these four nations.


China Travel Restrictions

Asia's strictest entry policies for tourists are found in China. Early in 2023, the country's borders were reopened, but it's still challenging to travel there for reasons other than necessity. Visitors who have had vaccinations or who have not been required to have a negative pre-arrival test no sooner than 48 hours before arrival. The same rules can be used when traveling to Hong Kong and Macau.

Additionally, on June 30, 2023, the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert encouraging Americans to rethink their plans due to allegations of arbitrary law enforcement and exit bans in the destination.


Asia Travel Restrictions

For the wider Asian region, there are no additional travel limitations. The Philippines is the most recent country to abandon the requirement that unvaccinated travelers have a negative pre-arrival test.


Oceania Travel Restrictions

No entry restrictions exist for tourists and non-essential travelers to Australia and New Zealand.


Globally, immigration restrictions in place since 2020 continue to be loosened. Once households take a final summer vacation, traffic numbers may stay high, but once school resumes, congestion may lessen.