Delhi Zoo is good to go to resume for guests from August 1. In the wake of staying shut for over 90 days because of the ascent in Coronavirus cases during the second influx of pandemic, the zoo is presently good to go to invite guests. 

Purportedly, the zoo stayed shut for over a year sooner because of bird influenza and the primary flood of Coronavirus. Then, at that point, it was resumed to people in general on April 1, just to be shut again on April 15 because of the ascent in COVID cases. 

Alluding to this, Zoo Director Ramesh Pandey expressed that they are prepared and wanting to open the National Zoological Park from August 1. He added that they have been getting ready for things to be all together, and the zoo will be worked in two movements as prior. He further educated those online appointments will be made accessible from July 31. 

One can purchase tickets online from the zoo's site. As the zoo will be working in two moves, the principal shift will be from 8 AM till early afternoon, where the subsequent shift will be from 1 PM to 5 PM. According to the reports, an aggregate of 1500 individuals will be permitted in each opening. According to the Zoo Director, they find ways to increment or abatement the number of guests in the zoo once a pattern sets in. 

Pandey additionally added that they will attempt to keep up with COVID suitable conduct and clean the zoo to keep it sanitized. The sanitization drill will be done twice every day, i.e., before the zoo opens and after it closes for the afternoon.

Image Credit: Zee News