US President Joe Biden on Wednesday guarded himself and said that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan couldn't have been taken care of in a manner without "mayhem following". Biden's remarks came in the midst of a gigantic reaction over his choice to draw down the US troops from the conflict-torn country. In his first meeting since the Taliban takeover, Biden by and by put faults on Afghan leaders as well as soldiers for the breakdown of the soldiers and takeover by the Taliban. 

In a statement given by US President, he said don't figure it might have been taken care of such that, we will return looking back and look, yet the possibility that by one way or another, there's a method to have gotten out without disorder following, I don't have the foggiest idea how that occurs. Since the time the Taliban held onto control of the country, Biden has been forced to bear the criticism from all over the world for fallout in Afghanistan. 

The worldwide local area watched with equivalent anxiety the unfurling occasions. In the interim, Biden likewise said that the U.S. troops might remain in Afghanistan past an Aug. 31 cut-off time to clear Americans as the Pentagon said the U.S. military doesn't right now can contact individuals past the Kabul air terminal. 

In case there are American residents left, we will remain until we get the full scale, Biden told to news reporters in a meeting led on a day numerous U.S. officials squeezed him to broaden the cut-off time that he had set for the last pullout. He additionally said the Taliban is collaborating for the time being in getting Americans out of the nation yet "we're having some more trouble" in emptying U.S.- adjusted Afghan residents. "We will do all that we can to proceed to attempt and deconflict and make paths for them to get to the landing strip. I don't have the ability to go out and broaden tasks at present into Kabul," U.S. Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin said. 

A top U.S. negotiator independently said on Wednesday the United States anticipates that the Taliban should permit Afghans who wish to pass on Afghanistan to leave securely. Austin said the United States was not happy with the number of individuals who were being cleared.

Image Credit: Nasdaq