Ferrari is loved by all but owned by few. Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti sent his Ferrari for a Car Wash. Everyone expects their car to shine and come back clean when they send it for a car wash but unfortunately Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti's beloved car did not get the same experience.  

A car wash worker who was trying to park Federico Marchetti’s Ferrari in the corner lost control over the speed and  hit five parked cars and crumpled the front of the Ferrari into a barrier.

Anybody would be sad to hear such news about Ferrari but it’s really sweet of Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti who was more worried about everyone else's safety and brought the issue on Instagram and shared his thoughts about the incident.  

Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti is glad that nobody is hurt. He is definitely sorry about what all happened but this shows his nature that Goal Keeper Federico Marchetti is not attached to  the materialistic things. He was more worried about the fact if everyone is safe.  

A Ferrari worth Rs 3 crore was crashed by the car washer who had no idea about the speed of the car lost control and damaged the front part of the car completely. The damage was extensive to the front of the car but fortunately the drive was unharmed.  

Goalkeeper Federico Marchetti  wrote: 'I am very sorry about what happened. 'Thank God no-one was hurt, and that is the most important thing. 'I've read a lot of bad stuff written. Let's leave it alone - I hope I won't have to read it any more.'  

Marchetti made his name at Lazio where he made 161 appearances before moving on to Genoa two years ago. 


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