RBI: Around the nation, various news stories on cash notes are being viewed. The government recently decided to stop printing 2000 rupee notes. Meanwhile, the Reserve Bank has provided information regarding the "star" designated note in a significant statement published today by the RBI (RBI news). On Thursday, RBI dispelled all doubts over the legality of "star"-designated notes, claiming they are just like any other lawful note.


Why are the star-marked notes issued?

The note given in place of the incorrectly printed note has a star mark appended to the number panel, according to a statement from the RBI. In a bundle of serially numbered notes, notes with a star mark are provided in place of notes that were printed incorrectly.


Star-marked notes are valid.

Following concerns voiced in several social media posts concerning the legitimacy of the notes bearing stars in their number panels, and the central bank has provided this clarification.


RBI gave information

According to the RBI, the bank note with the star mark is just like any other legal tender. The star on it simply signifies that it has been issued in place of a note altered or reprinted. A star is inserted between the note's number and the characters that must be typed before it.


Time till September 30

According to the RBI governor, Anyone with a Rs 2,000 note can deposit it in their bank account or exchange it for any other note in the bank. The preparation of exchanging currencies of Rs 2,000 has been advised on banks. "We anticipate the majority of the Rs 2,000 notes to be returned," he said, referring to the deadline of September 30.