Astronomers have found gas in the atmosphere of Venus, indicating life there. The possibility is that the micro-organisms in the clouds of Venus may be floating. The gas's name is the phosphine - molecule consisting of a phosphorus particle and three hydrogen particles. Phosphine on Earth is related to life. It is associated with microscopic organisms found in the stomach of animals such as penguins or in low-oxygen places like swamps. Micro bacteria emit this gas in the absence of oxygen. Phosphine can also be made in factories, but factories are not available on the planet Venus, and of course, there are no penguins either. 

So why are this gas on Venus and that too 50 km above the planet's surface? That's the only question of Professor Jane Greaves and her colleagues at Cardiff University in the UK.

A paper has been published in the journal Nature Astronomy, in which he has written in detail his observation of getting phosphine on Venus. At the same time, they have written about their investigation in which they have tried to tell that these molecules can be made up of a natural, non-biological means. Although the team of scientists has not claimed to have found life on Venus, but have said that this possibility should be explored further.

How the gas found that indicates life:

Professor Jane Greaves of Cardiff University and her colleagues tracked venus with the help of the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii and the Atacama Large Millimeter Eri Telescope in Chile. This allowed them to detect the spectral signature of the phosphine. After which scientists have predicted that this gas is in large quantities in the clouds of Venus. In view of the information we have so far about Venus and the amount of phosphine that has been found there, no one has been able to detect the inorganic means of phosphine so far. That means there may be consideration of the possibility of life.

Why is it so interesting?

Venus's likelihood of life on the neighboring planet is considered less than any other solar system planet. Venus is said to be hell in the Bible. Venus has a thick layer of atmosphere with a plethora of carbon dioxide. There is 96% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The atmospheric pressure on this planet is 90 times higher than that of earth. The surface temperature is more than 400°C, like an oven. So if you put a foot on Venus, you'll start boiling in a few seconds. So even if there is life on Venus, it can be expected to be 50 kilometers up in the sky.

Possibility of life is very low on venus?

Because of the clouds, there are dense clouds, with 75-95% of sulphuric acid, which is fatal to cellular structures that have made organisms living on Earth. However, scientists say that if there are micro-organisms, they have to create some kind of armor to avoid sulphuric acid. "We're talking about a bacteria that has built a strong shell around them and sealed itself inside," says Dr. William Bains, who is associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. But then how do they eat? How do they exchange gas? It's contradictory."

US space agency NASA has asked scientists to work on a plan to send a potential flagship mission in 2030. The flagships are the most capable and most expensive missions sent by NASA. In this case, it is being considered to send an instrumental balloon, which will pass through the clouds of Venus. Russia sent its Vega Balloon in 1985. That was planted nearby to protect against sulphuric acid. We can go there at all and collect drops and study them. At the same time, we can also carry a microscope that can try to see life there. If life is found on the upper clouds of Venus, it will help us understand many things. Because this could mean that there could be many places life in our galaxy. It may be that life does not have to be a planet like Earth. Rather, it can also be found on extremely hot planets like Venus in our galaxy.

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