People may have seen 1 rupee notes in the market many years ago, but gradually the names of these 1 rupee notes were erased totally, the notes appear to be amateur (fond of collection of old notes) with a few people. However, the trend of coins is continuing, but now soon, this note will see you in the market as the government is once again going to bring 1 rupee note to the market. As per the notification issued on 7th February, the printing of these notes by the Ministry of Finance is going to commence soon. These notes will have a watermark in many places to identify the real note. In addition, these features will be on the notes.

How will be the new note:

The new note will be written by the Government of India in the above. The new note will be written downwards in English. The note has been signed by Finance Secretary Atanu Chakraborty in Hindi and English. The note will have a logo with a rupee coin, and Satyamev Jayate will be written on it. The number of notes from the black will be written downwards in the right of the note of 1 rupee. This number will be in ascending order from left to right. The first three numbers in the note and the word will be equal in size. The year 2020 will also be written after the government of India on the top of the note. The new 1 rupee note will have a symbol of grain, which is a sign of the agrarian country. A note of Rs. 1 will be written in 15 languages. The oil platform on the note will also be a symbol of Sagar Ratna. The color of the new note will be pink-green from the front, and the rear will be in many colors. The incoming note will have a length of 9.7 centimeters and a width of 6.3 centimeters. The new notes have been given watermarks in many places, which will be written without Satyamev Jayate. One will be written in the digits in the middle of the note. Also, India will be written with 1 in the note to identify it.

For your information, all the notes and coins in India are issued by the Reserve Bank of India, but these notes will not be issued by the Reserve Bank of India, but the Government of India issues them, that is, the responsibility of printing these notes is with the government. All the notes in India are signed by the Governor of the Reserve Bank, but these rupee notes are signed by the Finance Secretary. The one rupee note, which is printed this year, will be signed by India's finance Secretary Atanu Chakraborty.

Some unknown facts about the one rupee note:

For the first time, a silver coin of one rupee was run during the First World War. The silver coin could not be able due to war. For the first time, one rupee note appeared in the market on November 30, 1917. According to the Reserve Bank of India, the printing of one rupee note was closed for the first time in 1926 due to the high cost. Which was resumed in the year 1940 and the note continued till 1994. The printing of these notes was resumed in the year 2015.

The cost is higher than the price:

Perhaps you may not know that the cost of printing a note of Rs. 1 is more than Rs. 1. A note costs Rs 1.14. Let me tell you that information was sought under RTI in the year 2015. According to this information, it was also learned that as per the rules of law, one rupee note is the only real currency, that is, currency notes. All other notes are promissory notes. On which the holder is promised to pay the same amount.

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