Here is the thing that to search for: 

Sugar: 6 grams or less per dry ounce1 

Fiber: 5 grams or more for each serving 

Nutrients and minerals: Look for calcium, nutrient D, folic corrosive, iron, or B nutrients 

Fixings: The rundown should start with an entire grain, like entire grain oats, rye, or wheat 

Pick High Fiber Cereals 

Pick a grain that is high in fiber—in any event 5 grams for every serving. You'll track down the most in high-fiber grains like destroyed wheat, oat cereals, puffed wheat, and grain oats. Typically, the more sugar oat has, the less fiber it has per serving. The sweet grains ordinarily have around 1 gram for every serving. 

Search for Whole Grains 

Investigate the fixings list for "entire" in the main fixing (entire oats, entire wheat, and so on) These entire grains will give fiber just as a modest quantity of protein, while prepared grains don't. On the off chance that the rundown starts essentially with flour, you may have a profoundly handled cereal. 

Check the Fats 

Numerous sorts of cereal have no additional fat. In the event that you are taking a gander at an oat that contains fat, check whether it comes from "great" fat sources like nuts or potentially seeds. 

Nutrients and Minerals 

Search for cereals that are braced with nutrients and minerals. The measures of invigorated supplements differ among oats however search for oats with added calcium, nutrient D, folic corrosive (the engineered type of folate), iron, and B nutrients. 

Tips for a Healthier Breakfast 

• Watch your serving size, as it is incredibly simple to present yourself with twice however much what is recorded on the name. serving range from 3/4 to 1 cup of cereal. A Consumer Reports study found 92% of members ate more than the suggested serving size. Utilizing a greater bowl brought about eating more, as did eating a calorie-thick grain, for example, granola. 

• If you are trying to cut calories and fat from your morning meal, purchase low-fat milk for your cereal, or attempt almond, rice, or soy milk. In any case, know that while cow's milk and soy milk have protein, however a portion of different decisions don't. You can likewise utilize yogurt on your cereal. 

• Round out your morning meal with protein by adding a cut of entire grain toast with a little peanut butter, or a hard-bubbled egg. 

• Add additional fiber and supplements to your oat with new cut natural products or berries. These will likewise add a vivid and sweet component to your grain, so you will not miss the additional sugar and counterfeit tones.