Social networking mobile app Instagram has developed up with a new tool for its users. The specialist explained how to enhance its features and followers. Instagram has now taken an advance step to the creative thinking of youth as a burn on Instagram. Instagram has come up with an expression tool to facilitate creative content creation to its users. With this sticker, people can include the latest track in their own story. The most trending Instagram in social networking has started finding and bringing creative influencers to this new tool.

Under this, the Instagram team at the Hotel JW Marriott in Chandigarh briefed more than 100 youngsters in the city to use Instagram more and more to upload content better than their creativity. For this, a session was organized by Instagram at the hotel. Speaking on the occasion, Facebook India's partnership head Manish Chopra said that Instagram is working to enhance creativity and improve the user's personal expressions. Instagram is composed of instant and telegram names. When this app was created, more than 25000 people downloaded it in the first 24 hours. People liked this app because it could make people make their photos more good without sharing personal detail. Gradually people liked Instagram because this was just about to follow others and share their photos. Within nine months, Instagram had a record-breaking 7 million users.

The Panchkula-dwelling Jasmin Nagpal and Khushboo Arora also arrived at the session organized by Instagram. Jasmin said she started using Instagram three years ago. She works in the fashion world. Gradually, her followers began to grow, and she started getting offers from the fashion brand. She said that it is necessary to see exactly how to prepare the audience on Instagram. With her, Khushboo Arora said, that she is doing post-graduation from MCM College, and she is working in the field of fashion while graduating. She started using Instagram four years ago and now has a lot of followers. She works on styling. Instagram benefited her immensely.

Manish Chopra said that on Instagram, you have to increase the followers, you have to take care of these certain things. First, you have to select your followers. At the same time, you have to see which category you have to choose a business, social or private. Then you have to develop the content of the same flavor. Add more and more videos of 15 seconds to keep people connected. If there is a lengthy video, it will automatically go to Instagram TV. For instance, if you want to work on fashion, connect the youth, in which the college community, as well as many others, are correlated. You should also add creative posts and give them some new messages or information to attract more people.

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