An account in Bank has become one of our basic needs, and almost every person, whether a common employment earner or a big trader, uses all bank accounts. Some of the purposes of saving are to open bank accounts for some pension and subsidy. But the number of customers who have more than one account is also very high. However, there is no difficulty in opening more than one account, and we can open an account in any bank in any state. Today, we are going to tell you what you have to keep in mind if you have more than one account. If you use more than one bank account and there is an account that has not been used for a long time, it is okay to close it. This is because, in the absence of long-time account usage, the minimum balance amount has gone up, and in each account, you have to keep a good amount as a minimum balance. While closing the account, the insurance, credit card, debit card, etc., should also be closed at the same time so that there is no difficulty in the future.

It is necessary to have a salary account for any employee because it has to come with a salary. It is to be noted that if your account has not had a salary credit for three months, your account itself turns into savings. Salary and Saving Account rules vary, and if you do not maintain a minimum balance in a savings account, the penalty charge increases, which seems to be from your account.

While filing the income tax, you now have to give information about each of your accounts and also to account for the interest that has been received. Also, your bank account statement is required. If you are going to take a loan, your CBIL score is examined, and if you have an account idle, you also have to inform it. If you have not made a balance in that account, it may affect the process of taking your loan. At the same time, you may also have to put a statement of all bank accounts when taking a loan, which is a great task.

If you want to close the unnecessary account, you will have to go to the bank and fill in an account closure form and also fill in the de-linking form. You will also have to explain the reason for closing the account in the form and also to inform the account in which you want to transfer your money. If this is a joint account, both account holders must be signed on the Account closer form. At the same time, a checkbook and debit card will also have to be deposited. If you close the account within 14 days of opening the account, you do not have to pay any bank charge, but you will have to charge if you close the account before a year. Let me tell you that the bank will not charge you when the account is closed after one year. However, the rules of each bank may vary.

If your account has Rs. 20,000, you can withdraw only Rs. 20,000 cash while closing the bank account. The above amount you have to transfer to your other account that you have written in the account closing form. If you are going to close the account, do not put more money in it and transfer the money to another account before closing the account. However, maintain a minimum balance, otherwise, you may have to pay a penalty charge.

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