Online food delivery has also been relaxed between the lockdown, but there is also a risk of corona infection with online food delivery. In the meantime, the most important is that those who are ordering food online have to take care of certain things to avoid the risk of infection. The food parcel needs to be careful while receiving it at home. Maintain social distance from the delivery of boys. Sanitize the parcel and eat the food by heating it.


1. Make sure that the kitchen is being sanitized with the restaurant before preparing the food.

2. Whether the template of food preparation cook and waitress is being checked or not. After all this information, you order food online.

3. Also, check whether restaurants and hotels are following administration guidelines.

These precautions are essential:

1. Maintain social distance from the delivery boy while taking parcel.

2. Re-delete the parcel after taking it.

3. Carefully dispose of what the parcel is packed in.

4. When the deliveryman calls, let him know that he has to keep the distance maintained.

Don't forget:

1. Get your food delivered outside the door.

2. Wear masks and gloves in your hands while taking food.

3. Hold the food sourced in order with a polythene bag.

4. Do not take delivery if the delivery boy is not wearing a mask.

5. Keep the payment mode online. Avoid giving notes.

6. Do not eat as food has come, but eat it hotly.

Choose the option for online payment, not cash: 

While ordering food, especially keep in mind that the payment is online. That will keep you away from infection.

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