If you want to know how to always be happy, then you should have known this, what is happiness in reality?

What is Happiness?

In a word, happiness means a state of mind and mind where the desire to do or get anything is eliminated. Or say that your mind goes within a realm of peace and satisfaction. So now the question is how you can stay in this situation most of the time.

For this, I have brought magical habits that keep the body and mind in a better position.

Wake Up Early:

When we get up before sunrise, we have a different experience, and it seems as if nature is welcoming us for a new day. Sometime before sunrise, the sky is amazing, and it seems as if we are infused with new energy. This is my personal experience on the day we wake up early in the morning – we are happier and more confident.

Advantage of Waking Up Early:

  • Creativity increases.
  • There is a good time for meditation, yoga, and exercise.
  • A positive and good start
  • According to Ayurveda, it infuses new energy into our bodies.
  • There is a great experience of the wonderful sights of nature.
  • To be mentally prepared for all day's work.

Yoga and Exercise:

With meditation and yoga, we are mentally and physically healthy. Along with physical diseases, our mental disorders are also removed, and we become mentally competent. It is a proven fact that meditation and yoga can relieve all stress. A person who does Yoga regularly awakens his inner powers so that he can face all sorts of situations.

Live in Present:

According to scientists, 70% to 90% of most people go into thinking about the past, future, and futile things. If we analyze our problems and stress causes, we will find that 90% of our stress is due in the past or in the future. This means that we currently have no problem, and the cause of our stress is either a past phenomenon or a fear of the future. If the cause of stress is in the past, nothing can be done, so we are leaving viruses in our own minds by taking stress in vain. If there is any fear of the future due to stress, the future will be decided by the present. So if we live in the present, the future will be good, and if we are afraid again and again for fear that has not yet arisen, then we will spoil our present, and our present will spoil our future. Therefore, we should stay in the present and make it the best because we have no control over the past nor the future. If you have to be happy and succeed, stop thinking about what we don't have control over.

Do what you like:

Do at least one hour a day to do something you like playing, listening to music or writing. Such tasks give you new energy and recharge you. If possible, we should turn our careers in this direction. We should build our career in the same area that we are interested in.

If we are working in an area that we are not interested in, we have two options –

  • First, change your scope and make a career in the area we are interested in.
  • And if it is not possible, make the present work of your interest.
  • If we don't follow a single option and do things that we don't mind.
  • For this reason, we are never able to give 100% and are wasting most of the time.

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