In the lives of working people, there may never be a chance when they have to stay in the house for such a long time. So take advantage of this time instead of complaining. We've brought some good ideas to cut time.

Cook food

Don't consider it a compulsion. Creative can also be used with food. There are all the exciting cooking videos on YouTube and Facebook. Use them. Every day it will take a Sunday.

Talk to friends

In the life of the run race, old friends are left behind many times. Call them, ask them a trick. You know that one of your calls can remove their depression.


The gym is closed, it will not be an excuse now because many Bollywood celebrities have posted videos of workouts at home and proved that exercising without gym machines is possible. Yoga doesn't need to be so gym anyway.

Read books

When did you last raise a book? If you were always waiting for free time to pick up the book, take that free time. If there isn't a new book at home, many libraries are offering online books for free.

Home Cleaning

Your work isn't coming in these days. So clean the house together. In the meantime, you may find an old letter, an old picture that brings a smile to your lips.

Grow Plants

Seeing plants grow in the house gives a positive feeling. Water your plants every day, sit down with them, and spend some time. In this lousy phase of illness, it will be beneficial in positive thinking.

Watch Netflix

Where will the whole series get a chance to see at once again? Watch Netflix and Amazon Prime's movies and series that were on your list so far.

Prepare for the holiday

When the next holiday takes place, it can be planned. Go to Goa or Shimla, so it can be fixed. Hotels can also be searched by sitting with each other.


People who were not smartphones sat down with the family and played games like Ludo, Business, and Carrom. Right only for a while, he has returned round, so enjoy it in full.

Learn something new

You can do an online course. Go to your smartphone's App Store and see how many courses are available. If you don't want to do this, learn something new from each other in the family.

Don't do anything

It is not necessary to do something all the time. Give your body and mind a little break because after a few days, buses and trains have to be pushed again and hours are to be spent in traffic.

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