Premium smartphone maker Apple can soon launch its search engine. Let's say that the number of Apple iPhone users worldwide is very high, which has been commonly using Google search engines so far. But the arrival of Apple's new search engine may shock Google. According to reports, California company Apple is working fast on its search engine.

Why Apple needs to bring its search engine:

Google had an agreement with the Apple company, under which Apple used Google as the default search engine in all its devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and macOS. Apple's device already had a Google search engine. For this, crores of rupees were given to Apple on behalf of Google. But the UK's company and Market Authority considered Google and Apple's deal against business rules. Apple's market share is much higher worldwide, according to a report by the tech website Coywolf. It was believed that Google and Apple's deal is not giving equal opportunities to other search engines, which is against the independent business rule. The UK's company and market authority can end the deal. So the Apple company is going to bring its own search engine.

Coywolf reports:

Interestingly, google pays millions of dollars to Apple in lieu of maintaining its search engine default search engine in any apple device. As per Coywolf reports, Apple has been working on its own search engine for several years. Apple's launch search engine will support artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta version, the company has bypassed Google search. The company has also recently updated its crawling site Applebot.

What will be new in Apple search engine:

According to the report, Apple's search engine may differ from existing search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Ads won't appear on Apple's search engine and will be completely private. However, it is not yet expected how Apple's search engine will work. It is also unknown whether Apple's search engine will support only Apple devices or other devices that will also support this search engine. Apple's search engine will act like a Google Assistant in any smartphone that will be completely private. You will get the result based on your iOS contacts, documents, emails, events, files, messages, notes, etc.

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