The story of 'The Boys' season 1:

The season 2 of the web series 'The Boys' has aired. Obviously, if you have seen the first season, your eagerness for the second season will have been enough. And if you haven't watched the first season, let me tell you the first season's story. Imagine that if superheroes in society were not just superheroes who exercise their destructive powers for social good. They would have been like products made by a company that was made to promote all other products. And, to expose the reality of these superheroes and their so-called social work, there is a bunch of people who have been victimized by them. These are 'The Boys' of Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of 'The Boys' story showed that the is responsible for the powers of the superheroes 'The Seven' is compound V. This Compound V distributed to all the people in the world by Homelander and have been used in different countries to create different kinds of dangerous terrorists and supervillains. Now the people are again looking forward to 'the seven' and once again the people's sympathy with the company 'Vought' that controls them.

Season 2 Stroy:

The story of 'The Boys' is formed into two sails. In season 2, also it goes beyond that. On the one hand, is the ringleader Homelander of the Seven and on the other side is Butcher and his companions. In the first season, it has been revealed that Butcher considers the Homelander guilty of raping his wife. In the end, the revelations of The Buchar's entire campaign appear to be weak on personal enmity rather than social purposes, but in the second season, what its creators have done to forget these things can be understood only by looking at the screen. Indeed, it is not a marvel cinematic universe. The budget is also not according to that, but what amazing job has been done by this series's creators. You will hold your breath. There is a legal warning for people of weak hearts to see these series at their own risk.

In the last season, low-rise in the seven has increased the character named Stormfront, which is playing on the screen, Aya Cash. For a land full of social media knights, the character is also very modern and a befitting satire on changing social contexts. She is the God of her 'devotees,' and her growing popularity also becomes a cause of envy for her other companions. In the role of The Homeland, Antony Starr has once again succeeded in presenting every virtue of his own person with his full style of demerits. On the other side, Karl Urban's style is too killer, and the two's clash is the real highlight of this story.

This time the bloodshed in 'The Boys' is more than the first season. The technique of making films will also be used to forge such scenes as those who would have thought, good. Like cooked watermelon or tomatoes, the skulls explode. Everything inside looks like someone is trying to teach us human structure in a gruesome way by sitting in a science class. If you liked the first season of 'The Boys,' this season has brought you many striking moments. The first three episodes have been released. There is a promise of a new episode every Friday. There are eight episodes in season 2. The series is only for adults, so if the home is intended to see it on a smart TV, then you should not forget to apply your bluetooth earphones or earpods.

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