Today, the trend of online markets across the world, including India, has grown very fast, whether in the domestic product or in the field of food delivery. That is why many companies today are growing rapidly towards many food delivery platforms in online shopping sites. On the same path, the much-hyped e-commerce giant Amazon will also join hands with Infosys, a well-known IT sector company around the world, to join hands in the food delivery market.

Both companies are working together for the last 3 months:

Recently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Infosys CEO Nr Narayanamurthy have announced that the two companies will jointly move together in the online food delivery market from the coming month. He also informed that the two companies have been working together for the last 3 months on the scheme launched by Amazon Prime (Amazon Fresh platform), and the testing of this pilot project is currently underway in Bengaluru. The companies will soon start it all over the country.

Online food market conditions in the country:

Recently, Google and Boston's composition group released their reports. According to this report, the online food market in India is growing at a rapid pace of 25 to 30%. If we saw the food delivery market revenue in India last year in 2019, it was Rs. 55 thousand crores. In the year 2020, the food delivery market revenue is estimated to increase by 10,000 crore rupees, which will increase to 65 thousand crore rupees.

The big problems have to face Amazon:

In fact, recently, Swiggy has been associating himself with the 'cloud kitchen' to speed up the food business, so Jomato is also working to connect himself with the 'project farmer.' What will Amazon do now? If the company is not able to think of anything like that, the company will make an entry into the food delivery market, but then the company will have to face a lot of difficulties.

Amazon's competitors:

In the food delivery market, Amazon will have direct competition from two big food delivery companies, which are already present in the market, Swiggy, and Zomato. Let's say, these two companies have not yet been able to stand up to a company like Uber. Uber sold the food delivery business to Zomato and took over from the market, and since then, the market share of Zomato has gone up to 55%. As a revenue, the market share of Swiggy is about 60%.

The owner of the restaurant said:

The owner of a restaurant chain in Bengaluru has informed that "these companies, which provide food delivery to customers by ordering online food delivery, do not take their commissions at starting." This commission increases by the time. Due to which the restaurant has to suffer. Not only that, if they talk about reducing the Commission, they start threatening to reduce the rating. But now it is expected that this will not happen, after Amazon's entry in the food delivery market, and the company will work in the online food market with a strong network.

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