If you also have a habit of charging mobile at a public place, renounce your habit today, because a small mistake may cause your lifetime earnings to disappear within a few minutes. You may feel it is a joke, but this warning has been issued by the State Bank of India (SBI). The country's largest government bank has asked for caution to protect customers from the ever-growing bank fraud in India. This is because fraud can happen not only from ATMs but also by hacking your phone. We often charge our phone at the airport, railway station, and train or hotel, but from the next time think it about once more because you may lose money from your account.

SBI tweeted this information. In a tweet, SBI said, think twice before charging your phone in any charging station (public place). Malware could find a way in and infect your phone, giving hackers a way to steal your passwords and export your data. So please be aware and don't charge your phone at any charging station.

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The bank has said that your mobile may be a victim of juice jacking or phishing. Through your charging cable, the bank-related personal information on the phone can reach the hackers, and your lifetime earnings may disappear in no time without your knowledge. Moreover, with the help of data connection and USB hackers can install malware on your phone, so hackers can copy data from your phone. Whenever you connect your phone to such charging points, a pop-up message will come on your screen. In general, people click on OK without reading these messages. As soon as you confirm OK, the forgery is allowed to steal your password and data. If you have a picture of a bank account number, password, and ATM card or any other information on your phone, it may be leaked easily. In addition, you may also be defrauded when using public devices, open networks, and free Wi-Fi. Using them is prone to leakage of your personal information and your bank account may be empty. You may have noticed that no such message comes on the screen when you plug to charge your phone at home or office. If there is a pop-up message on your screen while charging, understand that something is wrong.

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