The impact of the coronavirus is being seen all over the world. The cases of COVID-19 have gone up to more than 5,50000, and more than 24,000 people have lost their lives due to the disease. The virus was the first to have its arrival in China. Gradually, the virus has begun to spread all over the world. The coronavirus has come to be not only common but also special people like celebrities, leaders, and sportspersons. In this article, the list of people who have been found to be corona positive so far will tell you.

Corona reached by British royal family 

The scourge of the Coronavirus is continuously increasing all over the world. In this episode, it has reached the royal family of Britain. On Wednesday, March 25, British media reported that Prince Charles Corona virus-positive of the British royal family had been found positive. The Clarence House office informed that Queen Elizabeth's eldest son Prince Charles (71), has shown mild symptoms, and his physics is right now. According to the report, Charles's wife, Camila (72) coronavirus investigation report came negative. Both are living separately in Scotland.

British PM Boris Johnson's test report positive

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also become infected with the coronavirus after Prince Charles in Britain. His report was reported positive on Friday, March 27. More than 100 people died in a day for the first time in Britain due to corona. The death toll has now risen to 578, and about 12,000 people are infected.

Tom Hanks and his wife, actor

The effect of the Coronavirus is being seen everywhere, and even Hollywood has not been insulated from it. Hollywood actor Tom Hanks became the first film celebrity to have confirmed the Coronavirus. This was stated by Tom Hanks himself through his social media account. Tom Hanks told the tweet that he was in Australia to make the film these days. While living in Australia, they had a fever, and they would now be separated due to coronavirus.

Peter Dutton (Home Minister, Australia)

Not only actors but leaders have also been affected by this virus. Australia's Home Minister Peter Datton's coronavirus test has come positive. According to Australian media, they are infected with the coronavirus. However, its official confirmation has not yet been made.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, has also been found infected with the Coronavirus. On Thursday, the two had announced their own separation. Trudeau's wife had flu-like symptoms, after which the coronavirus was tested. They have been confirmed to have coronavirus in the investigation. After which the two have decided to remain separate.

Fabio Wajngarten, Communications Chief, Brazil

Brazilian President Bolsonaro's communications chief  Fabio Wajngarten was found infected with COVID-19 after a US visit last week. During his visit to the US, the two met President Donald Trump. After the visit, he was found infected with the coronavirus.

Rudy Gobert, NBA star

NBA star 27-year-old Rudy Gobert also found signs of corona. Then, when they conducted the examination, the coronavirus has been confirmed in the study. After this, the NBA has made its next season's shooting a postponed

Donovan Mitchell, NBA star

Adrian Woj Rovsky of ESPN said Thursday that another star of the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, has also confirmed the virus.

Daniele Rugani, National Soccer Player, Italy

Italian football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that defender Danielle Rugani had conducted a test for the Coronavirus. Their test has been found positive. It is noteworthy that Rugani is the first player in Italy's top football division to find the virus-positive.

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach

Arsenal's head coach Mikel Arteta has also conducted a positive test for the Coronavirus. After which the club was forced to stop training, and the entire team was kept separately. Let's say that the virus was the first to have its feet in China, after which it has now gradually been in India.

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