Most of the people are working from their homes in the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus. The meetings in the office are also being held from the houses. Apps like Skype and Zoom are being used for online meetings, but two major technology companies in the world have advised not to use the Zoom app. Zoom video calling app is currently using 141 countries in the world, but companies like NASA and SpaceX have refused to use Zoom to their employees. According to a report, Apple employees are working from home. There is also a meeting with future plans and products. Apple employees are using apps like FaceTime, Slack, and Webex for the meeting. Apple is at risk of data leakage. Precautionary, Apple has also reduced online file sharing. All employees in the SpaceX company have been asked not to use the Zoom app. Apart from SpaceX, NASA has also refused to use the Zoom app.

CERT issues advisory on the use of Zoom app

India's computer emergency response team and the National Cyber Security Agency have cautioned people about the security of the popular video conferencing app Zoom on Thursday. CERT-In has said that the Zoom app can be a source of cyberattacks. Through this app, cybercriminals can steal data from government and private offices and misuse it. CERT has said that there is a risk of data leakage with the Zoom app. As a suggestion, the agency has said that before using the Zoom app, keep the app up-to-date, and keep a strong password. Also, keep the waiting feature on in the app so that the people who participate in the meeting are controlled.

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan has stated in a blog that in December 2019, the number of daily active users of Zoom was 10 million one crore, which has gone up to 200 million in March 2020, i.e., 20 crores. He said that more than 90,000 schools in 20 countries across the world are also using the Zoom app due to coronavirus epidemic. CEO Eric S. Yuan has said on the question of security that the company is investigating the matter, and the security issue will be resolved in the next 90 days. Updates for security patches will be released. Yuan has said that the Zoom app was first designed only for enterprises but has also been used for office meetings after the outbreak of coronavirus. We are facing challenges that we did not expect, though we are working on it.

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