Oscar is considered to be the world's biggest trophy of entertainment. It would have been the dream of every artist to receive this award. The Oscar award is being presented to the world's finest films and artists for the past 91 Years. But some stars stayed away from the ceremony even after receiving the award. 

Dudley Nichols

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American writer and director Dudley Nichols refused to accept the Oscar award for The Informer in the year 1935 due to the ongoing feud between the Academy and the Writers Guild. Nobody thought of it that Nichols would refuse to take Oscar. 

Paul Newman

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The celebrated actor Paul Newman, who has been able to iron out his acting form films like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, was nominated for Oscar awards 10 times. In 1986, he was awarded the special Oscar award for his contribution to the cinema world but, Paul Newman did not attend that ceremony to take it. Afterward, he issued a statement saying, It is exactly as if you have been chasing a beautiful woman for 80 years, and finally you get her, but you are tired now. 

Woody Alan

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This American writer and producer proved himself in all theaters. Alan won four Oscars but believed that those who decide these awards do not cognize what they are doing. Thus he never participated in the Oscars ceremony. 

Katharine Hepburn

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Katharine Hepburn was named for the Oscar award 12 times, but during her entire career, Katharine did not attend any evening of the Oscars and was always away from the award. Katharine Hepburn has been the highest ever Oscar-winning actress so far. Katharine Hepburn had a different image in Hollywood with her special style and fantastic voice. 

Marlon Brando 

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American player and director Marlon Brando was awarded the Academy Award for The Godfather but, he refused to take the Oscar. Afterward, in his message, he said that in the film world, people of American origin are insulted, that's why he cannot take this award.  

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