Mask Mistakes: Wearing masks is becoming the most important to protect yourself in this coronavirus pandemic era. It is different than it is not easy to keep wearing masks, especially for a long time. Wearing it not only makes it feel suffocated but also itching and sweating. Above all, if you are not wearing masks properly, you are risking your health.

Do not cough in masks:

Wearing masks to protect yourself from coronaviruses has become mandatory in almost every country. The mistake that many people make is the constant coughing wearing masks.

Here's why:

Wearing masks indeed reduces the transmission of infection when you are sick or have come in contact with a person who shows symptoms of COVID-19. However, masks on coughing cannot stop all kinds of drops. This means that wearing masks can stop the transmission of a few drops, but there are a few drops that go up to a distance of 3 feet. This was researched by scientists from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. It was found that even by wearing a good quality mask, the drops on coughing or sneezing go up to some distance.

Why does this happen?

Because wearing masks starts to become air pressure, a few drops go out of the mask when coughing or sneezing.

Don't stop wearing masks:

The research observed that even the smallest drops go too far. But that does not mean that you leave wearing masks. If there is a cough or splash, the mask reduces the amount of those drops. This means if a sick person sneezes, the rest of the people nearby will be safe.

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