Most of us still remember our childhood days when we used to shape objects with molding clay. From simple flowers to more complicated forms like houses, clay would make us happy on afternoons when we would stay awake while our parents napped. When we tried to create a scenery, the beach would be a very exciting choice. And then we would also create boats to make the picture complete. Did you know that in old civilizations, people used to make models out of real objects in their environment? Though what they created did not have the details that we can make possible with the materials we have today, what they made served a lot of purposes.

We narrow down our discussion to those very interesting inanimate objects we know today as ship models. You may have probably seen different types of ship models in the stores and you have probably bought some for your favorite nephew, your brother or for your collection. You may have seen them in the museums as well where they are displayed for the purpose of allowing the students to learn about them. There are different reasons why we buy ship models and for whatever purpose we may have in mind for doing so, one thing is common for all – these things satisfy a certain part of us that is amazed by ships.

Going back to the time of old civilizations, however, ship models were created beyond personal satisfaction. One of the reasons why people before would actually make ship models was to preserve their civilization and the inventions they had produced. This is considered helpful for modern scientists and historians who now have an easier time understanding those civilizations that made those antique models. Through these objects, we learn that ships they had before were not completely different from what we have now.

Whether made for burial, war, trading, or livelihood purposes, ships then were basically built to let future generations have a glimpse of how these civilizations had been in ancient times. At the same time, those antique ship models were also created to give ship makers then an idea of how the real ships they were building should end up looking like.

The world is a wonderful place to be in, but people then and now have always found it to be more wonderful if they had a means to travel around it. Ships were and are still a way for people to explore the rest of this wonderful globe that they have. And ship models will always be an inspiration, both for shipbuilders and those who get on the ships to see the world.