As we age, our body tries to give up, so to keep ourselves healthy we should include the right type of exercise in our routine. and we, at last, lose our equilibrium. Falling is perhaps the most widely recognized reasons for wounds in senior people across the world. Body balance is one of the numerous things we underestimate at a more youthful age, however as we develop old, certain activities are needed to keep up that and furthermore for perseverance. 

Remain on one leg utilizing a seat for balance 

Spot a seat before you. Keep your feet together. Presently, gradually twist your correct knee, bringing your correct foot off the floor. You can hold the seat for balance on the off chance that you believe you are losing a grasp. Hold the posture for around thirty seconds, utilizing just the seat for help. Delivery and rehash the posture to your left side leg. Complete 10 reiterations. 

Do the Clock Reach practice on both the sides 

Envision being at the focal point of a clock with the number 12 before you and the number 6 behind you. Hold a seat with your left hand; lift your correct leg and arm and direct them to number 12. Expand your arm toward 3 and afterward 6. Bring back the arm to 3 and afterward 12. Rehash this on the opposite side. 

Walk set up clutching a seat or divider 

This activity is like walking on the ground however that you will do it in one spot. Lift your correct knee as high as possible. Hold for a few seconds and lower it to the ground. You can utilize a seat or divider for help whenever required. Rehash something very similar on the left side. Do up to 20 redundancies. 

Tightrope walk: Do this multiple times 

Stand straight and stretch your arms to the sides. Imagine a straight line before you and gradually stroll alongside it, keeping your hands consistent. While strolling, center around one single point a good ways off before you. Each time you raise your foot to put it before you, stop for 2 to 3 seconds. Do this multiple times. 

Cause trouble: Do this threefold on each side 

Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart. Lift both your arms and stretch them to the sides. Lift your left foot off the floor. Curve your knee and bring the foot behind you to such an extent that your impact point is close to your bottom. Hold this situation for as long as a moment. Loosen up the foot and rehash on the inverse side. Do this threefold on each side.