Bank employees have demanded five working days for a long time. However, the Indian Banks' Association (IBA), according to the article, has taken a moderate stance on this issue.


According to reports, he would send this suggestion to the Central Government shortly. Then, the system of working five days a week and taking two days off can be implemented as soon as the center approves.


According to the convenience of the employees, the arrangement of 5 working days and two days off per week is appropriate in many corporate offices in the nation's major cities. Instead of 8 hours per day, the employees will labor for approximately 9 hours per day under this arrangement. For a long time, bank personnel have pushed to adopt a comparable system in the banking industry.


Bank union's proposal.

The All India Bank Employees Association near the Indian Banks' Association released a circular stating that the Indian Banks' Association (IBA) is considering the demand for five days of work in banks of bank unions. So instead, the total number of working hours must be increased by 40 minutes daily. The unions and the IBA agreed on this topic on February 28, 2023.


Request for an additional 40 minutes of non-banking work.

At a bank union meeting, the Indian Banks Association (IBA) recommended extending the cash-only hours of bank personnel by 40 minutes every day, from 10 am to 4 pm. Non-cash transactions will be completed in the additional 40 minutes. IBA will soon submit this proposal for approval to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), then to the Ministry of Finance.


Challenges are not less.

Since this method is already in use in the corporate and private sectors, the Ministry of Finance and RBI are anticipated to approve this plan. The central bank and the ministry will undoubtedly consider these obstacles. However, adopting this system in the government financial system also presents some unique difficulties.